Straas Sync - Stream To Multiple Platforms Simultaneously!

Support all the RTMP server. Straas Sync enables you to externally publish your content to third-party sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch.

Straas Sync

Pay As You Go
No extra equipment needed

Straas Sync provides different pricing package for event-based use or monthly subscription. and most amazingly is that you no need extra equipment. Our server works for you.

10 minute to simple
Effortless and effective sync.

Set up in a single minute. Straas Sync leverages all your live streaming events to maximize effectiveness and expands your reach, bringing new viewers to your content.


Add and delete live server anytime

You can add and delete RTMP live server anytime. And it won’t affect other added live streaming servers. Straas Sync can stream to 10 livestreaming platform at same time from a single source.

Only 4 Steps to Sync Together


Login Straas CMS.


Add a live stream event.


Set up live servers for the event in step 2.


Use stream info in Straas CMS (stream url and key) for setting up broadcast software.


  • Why should I live stream to multiple platform?

    Of course you should multiply your impact! If you manage multi platforms like Facebook fanpage and Youtube channel,using Straas sync will make you reach all your audience!

  • Will Straas Sync change my working process?

    No, all you have to do is setting up Straas Sync admin panel before live streaming. And it only cost you less than a minute.

  • Do I need extra staff to operate it or need extra equipment?

    No, we take it from cloud for you.

  • How much will Straas Sync cost me? Will it cost a lot?

    No, not at all. Straas Sync is a pay-as-you-go service.

  • Can I delete or add other streaming server during live streaming?

    Yes, you can delete or add it anytime within Straas CMS. And it won’t affect other added live streaming servers.