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  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

Asiasoft is a leading regional online entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia with a dominating market share in the region covering Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. The Company’s affiliates are involved in international investment for online games publishing and development, as well as game portal services and other IT related business.

Global Channel Resources

  • India
  • South America

We collaborate with worldwide cloud-based/networking solution providers to enable channel partners providing IoT solutions which combine smart connected hardware and software and cloud services to serve end-customers.


  • Taiwan

Thought Interaction long term focus on the e-commerce platform development and e-commerce live internet celebrities services, We have a wealth of live and development experience, in the near future we will launch with the major universities and promotion centers the live internet celebrities courses,if you interest on live internet celebrity, contact with us!

SYSTEX Corporation

  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Singapore

Systex Group serves information services cross Taiwan, China and southeast Asia, based on DATA, focuses on ‘Cloud, Security, Mobile, Big Data, IOT’ technology fields. We not only proxy international IT products and services but also work with data providers collaboratively develop our own data products to provide customers innovative applications and value-added services.


  • Malaysia

As a startup SaaS innovator, UniData aims to assist your brand, products and services with a totally scalable, comprehensive, effective approach through our own marketing mix while achieving maximum conversions for optimum results through omni-channel marketing.


  • Japan
  • Korea

VMFive provides premium marketplace of out-stream video advertising (AdView) and playable advertising (AdPlay) with innovative formats and solutions.

AdView help both publishers and advertisers to maximize their benefits, publishers can boost their monetization of their traffic with innovative ad formats while advertisers can access the premium inventory to empower their brands. AdPlay is a leading playable ad solution using patented streaming technology of VMFive. It’s easy-to-use solution for app developers without any modification or other extra work to their Apps by simply creating from the original APK file. AdPlay allows users to experience the applications immediately without downloading, it also leads to higher conversion and retention rates by increased interest and engagement.


  • Japan

Zealz is a professional web system and smartphone application development company.
We are good at developing medical and educational-related apps, and development services related to video and GPS.
Now we are spreading our own original services for “Chatbot" and “Creative student support system".


    Data Division: Use Graphlab as our core computing architecture, we provide machine learning application, data and prediction analysis to help enterprises attract and retain customers and protect their assets.
    Reality Division: We provide fast, easy-to-use and high-quality VR (Virtual Reality) technology that can be used in a variety of business, sales or corporate presentations for various application.

    Gemini Open Cloud

      Gemini Open Cloud uses OpenStack as it infrastructure (IaaS) and we add a PaaS layer to help you easily port legacy applications to the cloud. We aim to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of your IT operations by migrating your essential services to the cloud without rewriting the applications.

      InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc.

        CloudFusion enables customers dispose their services to worldwide cloud data center, having easily manage and access mixed cloud advantages. We also assist traditional data center providers quickly upgrade to public cloud providers to serve future IOT and computing market.
        LogLoop provides high speed journal analysis platform, collects big IOT application data and system journal, provides real-time and visual data for business value.


          IronYun is the next generation Cloud Computing and Big Data video search software company. We provide enterprise customers with Hyper-converged, All-in-One, Private Cloud computing and Big Data video software products. IronYun developed the industry’s first Hyper-converged, Private Cloud, Multi-tier Storage and Big Data video analytics system in an All-in-One software solution.

          IronYun AI NVR is the industry’s first deep learning based video search appliance built for the video surveillance industry. The AI NVR has built-in artificial intelligence software and hardware video search capability for fast, efficient search of video objects stored in NVR or DVR storage devices. The AI NVR is a breakthrough solution to the video surveillance industry’s chronic pain of searching for objects of interest from hours of video big data.

          Miracle Mobile

            MiracleMobile is a experienced and trusted partner in providing application outsourcing, system integration and solution delivery services. Our core team come from the famous tech company and have more than 10 years experience on development of world class software and products. The outsourcing we provide include the app development, live streaming and cloud services integration, web development and VR/AR applications.



              We provide offline course management system, including students attendance, learning performance, payment..etc. Teachers can follow up student status by using multi-point login collaboration with students’ all-purpose cards to enhance learning and teaching efficiency.



                TapPay provides customers best payment experience, significantly increase purchase conversion rate. We focus on:
                Optimize online payment experience
                Provide quick payment with cards
                Integrate Apple Pay with just a few lines of code


                Are you a SI or service provider that would benefit from video streaming technology? We partners with Google Cloud Platform and other world’s top agencies to complement their area of expertise. We look forwards to hearing from you.

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