Build Your Own Video Application at Scale

Straas provides video modules for marketers with peripheral consulting and system integration services. Straas helps you to build your own video applications and campaigns at scale, shortening your time-to-market significantly.

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Immerse yourself in a live interactive eCommerce experience

Easy to integrate in 1 month

Download KOL Radar Chrome Extension

Powerful video streaming technology

To enable easy broadcasting and smooth watching

Powerful video streaming technology

SDK / API for developers

SDK/API for easy integration into webpage,apps, and social platforms.

Flexible for CRM or third-party apps integrations.

Cost-effective on video system develpment and maintenance.

High-performance video quality

Adaptive bitrate to adjust video quality spontaneously.

Broadcast/watch across device/platform.

Supportive of multiple video file formats.

Interactive video marketing

To monetize fans engagement and conversion

Interactive video marketing

Sync to social platforms

Live stream to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch like social platforms.

Built for gaming, sports, business event. Allow marketers to maximize brand reach.

Interactive marketing modules

Chat room interactive modules for flexible and creative engagements.

Instant chats, customized stickers, and more value-added metrics.